Knife to my throat.

So I got mugged. At the end of a great month in Europe I had a knife held to my throat and my possessions stolen. Once this is written maybe I will get onto the fun stuff that happened in my first real travelling experience. My friend and I had just got back from Venice... Continue Reading →

Busy in Bremen.

I have had a mad couple of weeks of waking up at 6:30am and getting home at 7pm utterly exhausted, and now I am in Bremen and still super busy. First day I arrived in Germany and met up with an old friend from highschool, the whole time running on one hours sleep from the... Continue Reading →

Death by Alcohol

I finished a two week long exhausting work project and so decided to celebrate. As did many other people, unfortunately for me my night ended with my flatmates crying because they thought I was going to die, and me needing a paramedic as a vomited up my insides. While the paramedic flicked through my cookbooks.... Continue Reading →

Pizza time.

Just after finishing exams to celebrate a few of us got Pizza, things began to spiral out of control and before I knew it pizza constituted five out of my six next meals. Thankfully corn flakes broke the schedule. I guess this is just student life, the only food I had left was pizza so pizza... Continue Reading →

Wasp Shower

Still reeling from my breakup I convinced seven of my friends to go for cocktails with me. During the events, I drank quite a lot as a result of the game we were playing requiring me to down two cocktails I had just bought. As expected I was quite drunk, it was a lot of fun however.... Continue Reading →

My Dad.

My Dad is a pretty good Dad, my flatmates all say how cute he is because they often hear him on the phone blowing me kisses and saying he loves me. My Dad also believes that Hovis and other such household products support Isis, but not everyone is perfect. My Dad can tell the same... Continue Reading →

Heartbreak feels like 1000 sit-ups.

If you're either Sonia or Memory, please don't read this as its going to be too cringe. Do not Cross this line you two. I know what you're like Sonia, you can't even sit through a movie without googling the end, but try not to go any further. I'm fine with strangers witnessing my heartbreak... Continue Reading →

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