I can’t eat corn on the cob/ A Christmas Carol in January.

Today was busy, despite the fact I didn’t get up until 1pm, and no work was done. I missed lunch with friends because I chose sleep over them, which I do feel bad about, but late night Netflix was too tempting in the early hours of the morning, My laziness is dramatically increasing. I haven’t bothered to shave recently either and my coursemates are starting to make negative comments, asking when I am going to shave. While my flatmates are saying it looks good and I should continue growing it. But who has my best interest in mind?

I also had a Nandos today and realised that I am again incompetent, I totally ignored the sticks in my corn on the cob and just began to eat with my hands, while my friend Sarah (there I name dropped you) daintily ate hers making proper use of the sticks and marvelled at my inadequacy as a human being. I bet I am not the only one that doesn’t know at first glance what the sticks were for.

Besides that, I managed to be on time for the coach, as the title suggests I went to see ‘A Christmas Carol’ today and I didn’t expect to write about it much but now I have finished I want to write about it. I thought it probably wouldn’t be very good, especially as it was being shown in January. But it was in fact amazing. The staging (which is apparently the correct term) was incredibly fascinating, with levitating beds that emerge from the floor, flying carpets, and snow. But although it’s cliched what really stuck was the message. I am the kind of person who will watch something or read something and feel inspired, but then in actuality not do it. The story of lost love and a life wasted makes me want to make the most of my own. But then again I am also the kind of person who spends too long daydreaming about how cool it would be to have superpowers etc. All in all, it was a really good show for many reasons and easily one of the best I have seen. Particularly enjoyable was the way my friends Fernanda and Sarah eyed up the actor who played Charles Dickens when he made his final bow. Personally, I liked his trousers and waistcoat, but I think I now fully understand the stereotypical dreamy eyed look for the first seem as I was seeing it so close (It’s definitely never been directed my way before). He was admittedly very handsome.

So after watching the inspirational tale of Ebenezer Scrooge I have set plenty of alarms for tomorrow in hopes of waking early (9-10am) and actually getting some work done. And I plan on shaving and organising my room when I get home before any procrastination, and who knows maybe I’ll even play some sport tomorrow.

Hopefully writing all this down gives further motivation to actually do it and get some work done.

I have some more important aims, however- Learn how to sing the theme tune to narcos. Learn how to do the Charleston so I can bust it out if I ever go clubbing and embarrass my friends.

Let’s hope I can manage to do it all.


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