I saw an old friend this weekend for the first time in a few months. We were best friends for eight years until my mum moved me 110 miles and two and a half hours away. Which is a little bit too far for a twelve-year-old to walk. Not that I am bitter or anything.

So as normally happens we drifted apart, the distance and a new school for both of us made it too hard to really continue as we used to. Growing up we saw each other almost every day for years, I would constantly be at his house or he would be at mine. I learnt basic Italian so that I could more easily convince his Italian mother to let me stay over. Usually, my forays into the Italian language were accompanied by tearful eyes to further convince her. I was apparently a manipulative child looking back.

We spent so much time together that eventually our mothers became best friends as well. This made it much easier to spend time together. But just like the friendship of the children our parents soon drifted apart as well after we moved. I have lots of happy memories with him, time spent playing Spore (an amazing game from when EA was good). Watching lots of videos, playing and school.

Loris (my friend) is attempting to be an actor now, he has an indie film coming out soon where he has the lead male role. His first film was made with me though; it was an epic film made with lego figures and a lego pirate ship on his pond. It was not at all stop motion, as our hands moved the figures around to perform actions. And I wish I knew where the disc was containing it. The film ended with us adding effects to make it look as though the ship exploded. However right after we hit pause the ship, which unbeknownst to us had been taking on water the whole time, promptly sank. This was a devastating loss, the ship was full of lego figures and contained a chest full of ‘Gold’ (small lego pips we used as currency when playing). The ship still resides sadly on the bottom of the pond. Though I am sure the fish love it.

We built bases, made armour out of Cadburys tins, tried to write a book, discussed girls, went on holiday together. It was great to see him this weekend and look back at our childhood. We are both very different from who we were then, and both pursuing different goals. But its still good to meet up and reminisce about old times. It’s also good to beat him at Call of Duty Modern Warfare like its old times as well. He is the only friend from my childhood I have kept contact with, and eight years after leaving school I wonder what they are all doing now.


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