Christian Dishwashers

So our flat has a lot of dirty dishes, a lot. So when I picked up this leaflet off the floor it seemed like a sign from God. I love debating, and I love not having to wash up, so it seemed like a good idea. I was somewhat scared about the consequences of inviting Christians into my flat of heathens but decided to go ahead anyway.

I had to ask a question about religion for them to answer while they washed dishes. I was warned not to be too mean with my question by my flatmates in case I scared them off. I sent off a mild question with my address and received a quick reply saying; People should be on the way shortly! :). Already I was thrown, ‘people’, I expected only one.

Eventually, I heard my front door open and a chorus of people come in. I made my way to the kitchen to find four Christians who already started washing up. We made small talk, they were not impressed with the amount of washing up, then delved into questions.

I was raised a Catholic but had some issues with the church, especially their attitude towards homosexuality and some parts of the bible. So although I believe in god I am not sure if I count myself as Christian. Eventually, we got onto my faults with Christianity. The whole flat joined in at the homosexuality debate and it was like tag team wrestling, this was especially the case when their answer was less than satisfactory. They said that as far as they knew there was nothing wrong with homosexuality and they personally couldn’t think of anything wrong with it. But God said it was wrong so it must not be questioned. They explained this with a fridge metaphor but we weren’t really impressed. They were also kinda rude about other religions and their reasoning for the odd parts of the bible wasn’t great.

They did clean the dishes well though. It was an interesting experience and they were mostly nice. One Christain did leave crying midway through the debate, saying there was something in the air making her react (it was probably our flats sins). Everyone in the flat had fun so I would definitely do it again.

I was a little disappointed with their answers but they were mostly nice and polite. I wasn’t converted like my mother warned me would happen either.


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