I had the only enjoyable clubbing experience of my life so far this Friday. My girlfriend also threw up twice, but that only made it more humorous. I am infamously bad at dancing so am always somewhat nervous about clubbing. My girlfriend also kindly said she was scared I would embarrass her, so no pressure.

My friend gave me some dance lessons the night before (which may someday be posted), and I was really not good. Shortly after I arrived at alcohol consumption started to celebrate my girlfriends birthday. It was quite quiet but soon picked up as more guests arrived. The introduction of a game whereby you have to down your drink if someone put a cap in it sped up the overall intoxication. My girlfriend and I passed the cap back and forth between our drinks forcing each other to down them until she promptly threw up in the toilet. I was semi-hoping her unwellness would mean we could chill and watch lost, but soon after being sick she was ready to party.

One of my girlfriend’s friends had the aim of making out with five people to help with her recent relationship issues so we spent the journey to the club theorizing how to do that. I texted one of my closest high school friends who studied at Uni near to my girlfriend and got him to meet us at the club in hopes that he could have a kiss. Ultimately our plan was successful and he was number one of six for that night.

It was a very good night, mostly because of my ridiculous intoxication and music I actually knew the lyrics to for a change. It was banging tunes such as the Macarena and Hokey Cokey, at one point I wished ‘Shaggy’ would be played and it was the next song! So I spent part of the night marvelling at my psychic powers. My girlfriend only threw up once more, and eventually, we left the club. Possibly the most drunk I have been and I still felt drunk at Two in the afternoon, which is probably why it was my best clubbing experience. If my girlfriend asks it was the best because we were together ❤ but probably alcohol and the Macarena.

It was a good weekend with my girlfriend, though she did complain I ate too much of her food and made too much washing up. Writing this has made me want second dinner, but my girlfriend says I am not allowed, I also have to get up at 7am to catch the train so that I make my 10am lecture :(.



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