Sweetcorn Hallucinations.

I had some really bizarre dreams/hallucinations on Saturday.

So I have tonsillitis, I didn’t know tonsillitis would be this sucky. I am using my tonsillitis as an excuse for my lack of recent blog posts, and work in general. Now I am using my blog to continue to avoid doing work. procrastination is the best motivator.

I didn’t even know tonsillitis could make you experience fever, but apparently so. I lay in bed on Saturday-  shivering and sweating – while my mind put on a colourful display as I attempted to sleep through my sickness.

One of the most rememberable dreams I had was about sweetcorn. It was the most rememberable because it was incredibly boring. The whole dream demonstrated the canning process of sweetcorn (something I myself have little knowledge but my feverish brain is apparently an expert). It was documentary-like and I was following the factory manager as he demonstrated the various parts of sweetcorn canning. Towards the end of the tour, he pointed to a section of the operating line and asked if I wanted to know a secret. I was eager to know the aforementioned secret, excitement bubbled inside me. This was what the climax all my feverish dreams had been leading to, it was surely going to be incredibly interesting.

He then asked if I wanted to know what happened to the waste sweetcorn (the bits that were too small for quality testing). Yes, it was a bit of a letdown, but I pressed on, still eager to know the secret, we went over to a machine which showed the bits of small corn being filtered out. This was the climax of the dream, the big reveal, I couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen. Then it ended.

I’ll never know what happens to the small sweetcorn in my fever dreamland. That still pains me days later. I have little interesting to write about from the weekend as it mostly consisted of sleeping and odd dreams such as this. Another included me riding a horse which promptly threw itself off a cliff to near certain death (with me on its back), as it wanted me as its rider no longer.

I also now realise this is the second time I have written a blog post about sweetcorn, I promise It’s not an obsession of mine. I’ll get back to more normal blog posts eventually.



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