Tonsilitis Tales

I thought I would recount some tales from last weak when my tonsilitis was pretty bad, especially as I have done little of interest to write about recently besides looking glum and sleeping.

My flatmates were really great looking after me, especially my close friend Sonia. Eunice tried to help…

Upon return from a party Eunice, quite drunk, came to see if I was okay. She brought me grapes as I was sick and insisted on throwing them into my mouth. The first was thrown directly into my eye at high speed, and the second was thrown hard against the wall and disappeared somewhere around my bed (I’ll have a raisin somewhere when I move out). After that Eunice allowed the grapes to be passed to me by hand. Eunice wants to be a physiotherapist, but she may need to work on her bedside manner first.

The next day, I had managed to sleep and was dreaming of my dad and a squirrel fighting when I was awoken by loud knocking on my door, I looked up and scowled at the door, wondering if I should just ignore it and go to sleep. Eventually, I woke up, I was pretty annoyed that someone would disturb me so early in the morning (1pm! I had been sleeping since 11pm the night before). I was quite surprised upon opening the door to find my dad, no squirrel, however. He had driven quite far to make sure that I was okay after having a fever and I was touched, and also tired. So I climbed back into bed and said he could make himself some tea. He had been unable to get into my building as my phone was on silent so I had received none of his seven calls or multiple texts. As a result of this, he waited outside my building in the snow for 20 minutes until someone left the building and let him in. It was nice to see him but he didn’t stay for long and I soon fell asleep.

I only have one tonsilitis tale left but its getting late so Ill save it for another time.


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