Birthday Boy.

I had a birthday party. Things, as they tend to, got rather out of hand. And unfortunately, a dear friend was lost… and another was temporarily lost.

Things started off well, a few drinking games, as I was birthday boy I had to do a lot of the drinking, being nominated whenever possible. Early on in proceedings, I had to take part in two, drinking challenges.
In one I had to spin versus as flatmate and the loser had to drink, sadly I lost. Feeling that falling unconscious on my birthday was a bad idea, and I collapsed on the table as the world attempted to fly sideways with me as a passenger.

The second challenge involved raising my hands again versus someone and the loser had to drink. This became quite difficult when I was forced to drink without raising my hands in the air. At first, I successfully drank by picking up my cup with my mouth and everyone was mightly impressed. This strategy, however, failed a second time and I spilled my drink all over the table, everyone was less than mightly impressed and I definitely lost all the style points gained in my first attempt.

After being forced to down more drinks, being birthday boy, I decided it was wise to go vomit. It was only the third time I have ever vomited because of alcohol – rookie numbers I know- and hopefully, the number will remain low. However, as I had a birthday meal with my father and sister the next day I felt it would be best to sober up and induced myself to vomit for the first time.

Shortly after this everyone came into the bathroom to sing happy birthday, as it was now past 12pm and technically after my birthday. Shortly after, or perhaps before this, the first loss of the night occurred.

An important member of the flat was lost, toilet number two. Toilet number two hadn’t always been my number one (number four was my go to for a while) but number two ultimately took the mantle of favourite toilet.


Toilet number two, taken before his time.


Alas on that fateful night toilet two was no more.

As a result, I have to attend a meeting with the site manager about toilet number two which apparently could last as long as half an hour. At times like this important rules must be remembered- snitches get stitches.

One of my flatmates, despite alcohol consumption, ‘fixed’ the issue, by ensuring the water fell into the bowl and thus flooding didn’t occur. He also gave an explanation of how this occurred, and I listened raptly to his explanation, in my intoxicated state, of the safety measures in place on toilets.

After this, we decided to make the most of the ‘Beast from the East’, making the most of the beautifully named weather event which had covered most of Britain with snow.
We had a good time throwing snowballs, sledding and pushing each other over at 4am.

During this time the second loss occurred, my phone, despite looking for 30 minutes it was nowhere to be found. I was resigned to my fate. However, waking up at 9am I decided to look for my dearly departed and found it sticking out of the snow 3m from the bottom of the slope we had sledded down. It still worked!

Treating myself to a celebratory birthday breakfast J20 I went to sleep. Fun party. And my friends gave me wonderful gifts and cards as well. So I felt very lucky. Until I received the email requesting my interrogation over the loss of Toilet two. 😦 Hopefully, I lose no fingernails tomorrow.






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