Actual normal sleep.

I am now getting a normal healthy sleep schedule from like 11pm-8am, and boy is it exhausting. I wake up early and I am tired because I woke up early, I go to sleep early because I am so tired from waking up early. I preferred when I slept the whole day because at least at 4am I felt wide awake.

I also have been having way more dreams than normal, I dreamt I was a sexy farmhand who could ride horses (sadly none of the features in the dream are true to real life). I had a multitude of zombie related dreams, one involving baby zombie creepiness. Even more weirdly a dream where a past female schoolmate was really hairy like a bear and was chasing me down.

Also in my life, I am trying to apply for summer volunteering/internships, and am regretting my earlier laziness and lack of experience as I realise how underqualified I am for every job.

One of the internships also required me to input my favourite joke as one of the questions. Unfortunately, it was a kids camp so it had to be child appropriate. I almost settled on this one-

What do you call a Mexican body-builder who has run out of Protein?

No Whey José.

Before realising that the possible racial connotations could hinder me from getting the job, then I also remembered that it was an American camp and they would love it. So I hit submit.

I am also back home for the holidays and have so much to do before I go on an ill-timed holiday, which is obviously much more important than revision and coursework. Maybe I’ll turn the blog into a travel one for a couple of days and actually have a more frequent upload schedule.

In other news wrote a story that got 25 likes on Reddit! I know what a huuuuge number, but it still made me feel good, I would love to write another story but it’s currently 11:23 pm so its way past my bedtime and I am exhausted… I wish I was kidding.

Happy Easter!


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