Succesfully Adulting (ish)

I wrote my first CV! As a nineteen year old I really should have written one sooner, but also the thought of me as a being nineteen years old makes myself quail. I am so old… in my head it is still 2012. In 2012 I was probably just playing Minecraft and chilling, now I am playing different games but with way more responsibility looming over me.

2012 me had no problems, well maybe girls. Now I have loads more problems and girls are still an issue, or girl singular (I am just kidding Emilia please don’t kill me, totally not whipped).

Recent takeaways from my life-

Writing a CV is hard work, so is applying for jobs.

Also, I recently discovered I am quite skilled at Gargling Christmas songs. Though that is not really something you can put on a CV, so instead I put it here.

I love my girlfriend and would totally never joke at her expense for fake internet points (now I have to write multiple blog posts to bury this one before she sees it).

And finally… If anyone is hiring let me know, I could provide a unique background sound for your Micheal Bublé acapella cover band.


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