Love is in the Air

The arrival of a new anonymous crush page for my university on Facebook has given me the chance to invent fake crushes for my friends (only as a joke). They also seem pretty lenient on what gets by as my first attempt was allowed-

To the hot Peruvian boy in first-year history, when we first met you had rice in your teeth (probably from that arroz con pollo you are always talking about). Right then I wished I was that rice so we could be together, even for a short while.

Besides righting fake love stories to avoid work I have met up with some old friends, which was nice. And yesterday watched A Quiet Place– the new horror film about not making noise, which was good if not quite scary enough.

The film has made apparent how loud I am in every single action I make -such as klacking away at my keyboard- and I would so be dead if that was reality. Plus any reality in which my cats are a massive hindrance to my life instead of just my work ethic is a very sad one.




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