Sick of revision.

Perfect timing, I am ill, and I have two exams left :(, so instead of revising I just want to sleep and feel so dead… so not much difference to normal.

Also, one of my favorite characters was killed off in Fear the Walking Dead (not sponsored to mention it sadly… it is good though) and now I don’t even want to procrastinate by watching that.

Instead, I am playing the Sims four, and ensuring my son gets good grades in school while I myself fail my degree. I mean the poor kid was basically neglected growing up as my Sims are terrible parents, and his nanny just shouted at his father and sprayed air freshener 24/7 rather than feed the starving baby.

Soon exams will be over and I can finally relax… except I need a job to pay rent once my loan is stopped. Being an adult is hard.





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