I really messed up my sleep now :(

I decided as I had a long summer ahead of me that I would be productive, I was going to get up early and explore my city, maybe do some creative writing or drawing. I ended up falling asleep at 8am and waking up at 6pm instead, my mum thought I was dead and got one of my flatmates to check on me. I am also writing this at 4am after gaming for a few hours so tomorrow doesn’t look like it will be much better.

So instead of walking around, I cleaned my room while dancing badly, drew Pikachu on my whiteboard and that is pretty much it…

Soon my inner productiveness will come out and I will be committed to enhancing myself as a person, I am 10% sure of it. Tomorrow I am planning on walking till I can’t anymore to help with the recent heartbreak and maybe spending too much money on records.

I will also be drinking several cocktails so hopefully no vomiting and nudity this time.

This time of morning is cool because it’s so quiet and the birds are so loud. Not conducive to a restful sleep, however. Goodnight 🙂


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