My Dad.

My Dad is a pretty good Dad, my flatmates all say how cute he is because they often hear him on the phone blowing me kisses and saying he loves me.

My Dad also believes that Hovis and other such household products support Isis, but not everyone is perfect.

My Dad can tell the same story again and again to me about back in the day and getting into fights and in that regard, I am not much like him.

My Dads girlfriend also believes there is a ghost in her house and has had several documentaries film there, but she also loves pets so it balances out.

My Dad is pretty old but doesn’t act like it, kinda concerned he will throw his shoulder out punching someone.

My Dad has cut off his fingers… twice.

My Dad loves baking cakes of a citrus variety.

My Dad and I nearly got us all killed on a mountain, but I am saying responsibility lies with him as I was only 11 at the time.

My Dad has done his best.

My Dad fell off the sofa today and couldn’t get up for a long time.

I’m scared my Dad won’t be there if I get married, won’t be there to meet his grandchildren.

I love my dad.



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