Wasp Shower

Still reeling from my breakup I convinced seven of my friends to go for cocktails with me. During the events, I drank quite a lot as a result of the game we were playing requiring me to down two cocktails I had just bought. As expected I was quite drunk, it was a lot of fun however.

The next day I woke up wondering why my legs ached a lot. After consuming these cocktails I gave my flatmate a piggyback halfway home and then sprinted the rest of the way, where I promptly vomited into the shared toilet (sorry), a mix of exercise and alcohol was just too much for me.

Shortly after I got back my flatmates also returned, one who was drunker than me came into my room. He became particularly bothered with the flies stuck in my light and being much taller volunteered to get them down. I being less drunk believed this not to be the best idea, but he carried on anyway. He successfully removed the light and in the process tipped it towards himself. A cascade of fried wasp showered upon his nice shirt and in response, he shook about throwing their black corpses across the room before tipping what remained in the light out of the window. It being late I couldn’t hoover and I had to pick up these crispy corpses one by one in a tissue and feel grossed out as their bodies crunched before binning them. Just thought I would share.

Unfortunately, some wasps were cemented to the light and not properly cleared off by my flatmate, so his drunken wasp shower was for naught.



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