Pizza time.

Just after finishing exams to celebrate a few of us got Pizza, things began to spiral out of control and before I knew it pizza constituted five out of my six next meals. Thankfully corn flakes broke the schedule.

I guess this is just student life, the only food I had left was pizza so pizza it was.

I am also trying to finish/start writing a book in the summer as I never have actually managed to and having dreams to be an author probably means I should. But I do have a lot of unlikely dreams for example-

Own a Delorean

Own a VW Campervan

Own a Library

So far I am pretty materialistic… but not done.

I want to have kids at some point.

Be an author, or at least have a career relevant to my degree and maybe write a book or two even if no one else reads them.

And go to space.

So I guess my goals aren’t very realistic. If I was a sim it could probably be done in two weeks, but unfortunately, human means are the only ones available to me.

So I guess I am going to start writing that book now…



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