Attempted theft, Deer and mistakes.

I had a very odd day, involving awkward encounters

I was going to the cinema to see Deadpool Two and we got in and sat in our seats. Soon people arrived and said that we were in their seats, we showed them our tickets and it seemed it was double booked and they left to talk to staff. They returned and on closer inspection, I had booked our tickets for the wrong day…

This led to us being awkwardly escorted out of the cinema, but they were very kind and apologized lots for my mistake, changing the tickets so that we could see the film at that showing.

The seats were not great but I took them, as we were getting in the film was starting and we went to our seats, I had to sit alone because there were not many seats left. Unfortunately, someone was sitting in my seat. That someone was my ex-girlfriends cousin.  I said an awkward ‘oh hi’ followed by ‘You’re in my seat’. Confusion ensued as did awkwardness with people having swapped seats and I ended up sitting totally isolated in the disabled area as no one was willing to move from my seat, and the film was starting.

After awkwardly leaving the cinema once the film had ended we walked through the center of town where a massive German Shepherd was depositing a huge poo in the middle of the path. We walked by and a few seconds later heard cries of ‘MEESH’ (a name something like that), followed by a small Monkjack deer blasting past us and the aforementioned German Shepherd chasing it. It was pretty odd seeing a deer in the center of town and I have no idea how it got there. But boy the Dog and deer were fast. The woman slowly followed the dog shouting ‘MEESH’ as they sprinted at full speed. I feel quite bad for not helping, but I did not feel like trying to tackle a German Shepherd, especially as they practically jumped over my leg as I was walking.

A random stranger began to run after the dog, but soon lost them both. Along the way back to the station people kept mentioning the dog and deer duo and they seemed to have run for a super long time. We also kept hearing the woman say ‘MEESH’ but by this point, it seemed the pair had gotten miles away. I fell quite bad for my inaction and hope they are both okay.

After this, we went to the pub, and I being the man I am got cocktail pitchers, I walked off holding them and had made good distance before someone told me I had not paid. I sheepishly made my way back to the till and paid while the server told me he does not make enough money to run after people.
It was just an incredibly awkward day full of strange encounters. Hopefully, tomorrow is less odd.


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