Busy in Bremen.

I have had a mad couple of weeks of waking up at 6:30am and getting home at 7pm utterly exhausted, and now I am in Bremen and still super busy. First day I arrived in Germany and met up with an old friend from highschool, the whole time running on one hours sleep from the plane.

I left my house at 9pm and arrived in Bremen 12 hours later having not slept, and as soon as I arrived I was put to task blueberry picking. I don’t even like blueberries. It was fun to catch up with my friend that I’m staying with and talk over mouthfuls of blueberries I didn’t much like.

After that we met up with a friend from my highschool who exchanged from Germany for a year. We walked about had some food, and they attempted to get me to like beer. We just sat by the river in Bremen as I was forced to drink beer after beer. ‘this one is basically lemonaid’, ‘this one is nice and fruity’. Absolute lies. They all tasted like beer and I just don’t understand the desire to taste urine water. After forcing myself to consume several girly beers while my two female friends drank the manly stuff. A guy from a bachelor party walking the river offered to buy my t shirt. It’s not a special t shirt it just has Captain Americas shield on it.

I debated what price I would desire while they attempted to negotiate with me, unfortunately I speak zero German so negotiations stalled until they realised I spoke English. They began to show me large sums of money and asking my t shirt size before deciding it was too small. They were very cheerful as they left and one of them dropped a small bag which appeared to have contained cocaine in his merriment.

All in all it was a very nice day, even if I was literally falling asleep wherever my friends left me. I then had a nice three hours rest before waking up at 4am to head off to Denmark by car. Fun day and I’m lucky to have such nice friends who offered to put me up despite me regularly insulting their beer culture as well as several harsh remarks made towards their national team.

Me and German friends shortly before insulting their entire culture.

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