One year today…

One year ago today I left my home and went to university, its been an interesting year…

I wonder if I’ve changed much in that year, physically I think I look almost exactly the same, although I have grown a whole half an inch!

Only like four more inches and I’ll be 6ft tall, there’s still time I hope…

Lots of exciting things happened, my first relationship ended, I got drunk for the first time, had my first real job teaching kids English (I was a terrible teacher), had an internship at a castle and wrote some poetry, kissed a few girls. Went around europe alone for a month. Subsequently got mugged at knife point. Overall I will say it was an amazing year, and I have lots of friends to show for it.

Unfortunately I didn’t do everything I wanted, I still don’t speak Spanish. Considering I wanted to be an author I barely wrote anything, and I feel like in my actual course I didn’t learn much and barely scraped by in my course with lots of late night workings.

I’m looking forward to what the year ahead holds, with lots of plans to work hard. I’ll see if they pan out.

Who knows maybe I’ll even grow half an inch.


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