Birthday Boy.

I had a birthday party. Things, as they tend to, got rather out of hand. And unfortunately, a dear friend was lost... and another was temporarily lost. Things started off well, a few drinking games, as I was birthday boy I had to do a lot of the drinking, being nominated whenever possible. Early on... Continue Reading →

Tonsilitis Tales

I thought I would recount some tales from last weak when my tonsilitis was pretty bad, especially as I have done little of interest¬†to write about recently besides looking glum and sleeping. My flatmates were really great looking after me, especially my close friend Sonia. Eunice tried to help... Upon return from a party Eunice,... Continue Reading →

Sweetcorn Hallucinations.

I had some really bizarre dreams/hallucinations on Saturday. So I have tonsillitis, I didn't know tonsillitis would be this sucky. I am using my tonsillitis as an excuse for my lack of recent blog posts, and work in general. Now I am using my blog to continue to avoid doing work. procrastination is the best... Continue Reading →

The Hangover (Part IV)

So this morning I woke up, naked, in my friend's bed. Confused at my nakedness, I turned over and saw who I had been sharing my bed with. Vomit, I was very confused. And also tired. So I went to sleep and ignored my bedmate.¬† Leaving future me to deal with the issue. What had... Continue Reading →


I had the only enjoyable clubbing experience of my life so far this Friday. My girlfriend also threw up twice, but that only made it more humorous. I am infamously bad at dancing so am always somewhat nervous about clubbing. My girlfriend also kindly said she was scared I would embarrass her, so no pressure.... Continue Reading →

Christian Dishwashers

So our flat has a lot of dirty dishes, a lot. So when I picked up this leaflet off the floor it seemed like a sign from God. I love debating, and I love not having to wash up, so it seemed like a good idea. I was somewhat scared about the consequences of inviting... Continue Reading →


I saw an old friend this weekend for the first time in a few months. We were best friends for eight years until my mum moved me 110 miles and two and a half hours away. Which is a little bit too far for a twelve-year-old to walk. Not that I am bitter or anything.... Continue Reading →

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