Sick of revision.

Perfect timing, I am ill, and I have two exams left :(, so instead of revising I just want to sleep and feel so dead... so not much difference to normal. Also, one of my favorite characters was killed off in Fear the Walking Dead (not sponsored to mention it sadly... it is good though)... Continue Reading →

Love is in the Air

The arrival of a new anonymous crush page for my university on Facebook has given me the chance to invent fake crushes for my friends (only as a joke). They also seem pretty lenient on what gets by as my first attempt was allowed- To the hot Peruvian boy in first-year history, when we first met you... Continue Reading →

Succesfully Adulting (ish)

I wrote my first CV! As a nineteen year old I really should have written one sooner, but also the thought of me as a being nineteen years old makes myself quail. I am so old... in my head it is still 2012. In 2012 I was probably just playing Minecraft and chilling, now I am... Continue Reading →

Actual normal sleep.

I am now getting a normal healthy sleep schedule from like 11pm-8am, and boy is it exhausting. I wake up early and I am tired because I woke up early, I go to sleep early because I am so tired from waking up early. I preferred when I slept the whole day because at least at... Continue Reading →

Normal sleep.

It's now the Easter holidays, a whole month of holiday, it would be nice without the exams and coursework which loom in the distance. Being organized is difficult, today, for example, I failed in that regard by getting up at 7pm. My father who had just returned from work thought I was joking when he... Continue Reading →

Birthday Boy.

I had a birthday party. Things, as they tend to, got rather out of hand. And unfortunately, a dear friend was lost... and another was temporarily lost. Things started off well, a few drinking games, as I was birthday boy I had to do a lot of the drinking, being nominated whenever possible. Early on... Continue Reading →

Tonsilitis Tales

I thought I would recount some tales from last weak when my tonsilitis was pretty bad, especially as I have done little of interest to write about recently besides looking glum and sleeping. My flatmates were really great looking after me, especially my close friend Sonia. Eunice tried to help... Upon return from a party Eunice,... Continue Reading →

Sweetcorn Hallucinations.

I had some really bizarre dreams/hallucinations on Saturday. So I have tonsillitis, I didn't know tonsillitis would be this sucky. I am using my tonsillitis as an excuse for my lack of recent blog posts, and work in general. Now I am using my blog to continue to avoid doing work. procrastination is the best... Continue Reading →

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